projekt management




Each new property presents the future user with a multitude of challenges. When it comes to assessing the property with regard to the potential it offers, to highlighting the technical and economic conditions or the alignment with your wishes, we work closely together with our cooperation partner - VPB Vernetzt Planen + Bauen ZT-GmbH.

Thinking and acting in a connected way creates the space for creative planning and enables responsible and efficient construction. In addition to the clearly structured procedure and the trained management tools, which are based on our years of experience in building, it is the basis for a successful and swift implementation of your wishes.

The team of 12 architects, building engineers and construction technicians is specialized on the management of planning processes, the preparation of tenders (= contract basis of the professionals) and supervision of the awarding processes, as well as the supervision of the realization of external planning on the construction site.

Adherence to costs, deadlines and quality standards are undeniable pillars of our actions.

At the same time, we know that buildings are built by people who act according to their interests but have to cooperate with each other to be successful. We meet the resulting challenges and opportunities with creative solutions and the necessary social skills.



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